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     Troy Primo, not only was in the band "Santeria", but he is also a rockstar in the chili community! He is the creator of the 7 Pot Primo, arguable the hottest pepper to exist. Packing an average 1.5 million SHU, per pod. It packs a punch! 

     Troy and his wife Kara, created Primo's Peppers. They are known all over the world for their amazingly hot and sweet sauces. They even have quite a following! 

     On Oct 2,2022, Kris ate 69, 7Pot Primo Peppers, setting a new world record! 

     Primo Peppers, has a huge heart for the chili community, it shows greatly by their generous spirit. They are genuine and loves to encourage others to embrace the heat!

     We are honored to have Primo Peppers as a sponsor and can't wait to see what amazing creations they come up with next!

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