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Chug That Baby Parody Song for The Reapers Roadhouse #Roadhouse (1) (1)

     Everyone in the Chili Community knows "Goot" from The Texas Hot Spot. His comedic, engaging and wild personality attracts many on lookers. He knows how to draw in a crowd easily and make everyone feel welcome, if they want to join in on the craziness. 

     The Texas Hot Spot became a huge name in the chili community, hosting lives for people to do League of Challenges and challenges created by chili heads, with their own twist. Goot actually created many of his own challenges. My favorite challenges of his, would be his Gooters Wing Sauce.

     The Texas Hot Spot, isn't JUST known for creating the #1 single of all time, Chug That Baby! It also showcases Friday Night Fire. Every Friday, Goot and his friends, Brandon (Honey Boy), Midge, Pepper Bae host an incredible show that allows other chili heads to be showcased. The Scoville Unit loves to take part in Friday Night Fire. Our friends do such an amazing job at not only entertaining an audience but bringing joy into homes. Goot's wife, Anna, who is part owner of Wicked Shears Hair Company, can sometimes be showcased on the episodes, as well!

     The Goot's are not only our sponsor but our very close friends. We are honored to have them as part of our family.

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