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Mrs. Scovilles favorite challenge!

100% of the proceeds from Mad Cow products go to Harvest912 outreach! 

The story of Harvest 912 will send chills over your body. It's heartwarming and beautiful. The creators of Harvest 912, Kit and Tad have huge hearts and just want to spread kindness. The first time we met them it was an absolute pleasure! They are so genuine and have huge hearts. 

The story of how Harvest 912 got started, sounds better from their mouths but, we will try to retell it. 

A fall day in September, Kit and Tad were on their way to Sam's clubs, when they seen a homeless man asking for help. Neither Kit or Tad had any cash, but they wanted to help him. How could they with no cash? He's probably a scammer anyways, right? Kit looked closer at the man and noticed he only had one show on and was limping.
Kit told Tad that she noticed the man only had one shoe and a limp. Kit asked if they could buy the man some shoes and bring them back? Tad, (who would give the shirt of his back for anyone) eagerly said, "Of course, we can! and some socks!", "And a jacket and snacks", Kit added.
As they got to the shoe isle in Sam's Club, it hit them. What size should they buy him? What if it's the wrong size? They only seen him shortly and from a distance. After a little while, Tad told Kit, "You wouldn't believe this, but a voice told me 9 and a half!" Kit believed him and they gathered the items for the gentleman and went back to the man. Shockingly, the boots were the right size! The man was so happy and they got to drive away knowing they made a difference in someone's life!
The joy they felt, encompassed them and created a spark that turned into fireworks of many hearts of the people who get to meet Harvest 912. 

Screenshot 2023-09-15 015204_edited.png

We are so lucky to not only have Harvest 912 as a sponsor but blessed to have them in our life!

Harvest 912


Harvest 912

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