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Heat From The Heart of Whales


Merthyr Tydfill isn't just beautiful scenery, filled with out door sports, greenery, and a beautiful Castle It's home to two special beings.
     Father and son,Arwel and Dan Reed, spice things up with their wide variety of peppers and products. Arwel and Dan Reed, grow many types of peppers from not so hot to scorching! Arwel is known for his curries, and Dan eats peppers at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Kris became hooked on Chili of the Valleyduring the San Diego, Ca, Belt Match, when having to do a chug of Lee's sauce. Asking, "who created this sauce!? It's incredible."
     They are a small batch hot sauce company with a goal to keep a small carbon footprint.
      They have incredibly artistic labels and BAMF products that encourage people chili and non-chili head to embrace the heat. They even have a LOF challenge that even the bravest of souls, are nervous to do!
We are blessed to have them as our Sponsor!

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