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Purifier (Creature Sauce Co.)

Roasted Garlic Sauce with

  • Habanero,

  • Jalapeno,

  • Yellow Chili,

  • Tomato,

  • Apple cider vinegar and

  • Lime Juice

Purifier hot sauce doesn't have a lot of heat, but it's definitely flavorful, and I pour this sauce all over Tacos and Pizza. It really has a great balance of flavor with a small kick, that can fix any craving. I would definitely recommend this sauce to someone who is interested in trying a sauce with small heat but amazing flavor.

I feel like some sauces get lost in bringing heat to the scene. Midge of Creature Sauce Co. always has a well bounded balance. Even his Chupacabra chug is well balanced and delicious. Don't get me wrong, it's hot a.f., and will make you wonder if you're okay, if you aren't ready for it (in some cases, even if you are).

We do have Purifier and other Creature Sauce Co. sauces in our shop. However, the man who started my hot sauce journey can be found here:

Midge is a wonderful guy all around and will be competing in the America's belt match in Erie! How exciting! Congratulations and Good luck!


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