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Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce

First off, dang... when I tell you these sauces are freaking one of my absolute favorites...IT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! My mouth waters when I think about Black Garlic Bacon. Its my very favorite sauce, they make. ❤️‍🔥 followed by Sweet & Spicy Thia Chili. I DONT GO HEAVY ON SAUCE... I'm not Kris but... I DRANK BLACK GARLIC BACON till there's was a small amount left. My tolerance for heats increasing and this is just a sauce the will win over everyone's taste buds and bring love into your home. 🥰 You get that good bacon flavor but guess what? There's no bacon in it!😏 If you want to fall in love with a new sauce. This is the one that you'll end up saying "I do" too.


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