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Old Agness Store

There's a lot of beauty in Gold Beach, Oregon. However, one spot that can cater to anyone's interest is called The Old Agness Store. The shop is run by two of the most beautiful and kind souls to walk this planet, Steve and Michele.

Steve is a jack of all trades. He tries not to flaunt it but he is one WILD chili head, taking on heat that some people would find barbaric. Michele is an amazing pianist and composer, who enjoys baking! The two of them together combined their amazing talents to create a store that would bring in many tourists and people from all over the world.

They have Gluten Free ingredients in their brownies, blondies, and bars. To say that I am obsessed with The Nutter One, is an UNDERSTATMENT! I actually loved using it as prep, fun fact! They have all sorts of items in their shop! They have hot sauces, salsa's, jellies, pepper powders, oils, and even some tasty snacks! You can even stop there for some soup or a beautiful charcuterie board display!

We are beyond blessed to not only have them as a Sponsor, but as part of our family! If you are ever in Gold Beach, Oregon, make sure to make a pit stop! Your heart will be full!

Find them here:


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