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Pepper Fueled Dreams

It's no secret the Honey Pot and Pepper Fueled Dreams are the brain children of Brandon and Nikki. Their mad concoctions send bliss to many spicy eaters and chilliheads, across the word. Their products are 10/10 because they put the work into what they make.

This morning I ate my favorite snack! Pardon, my no makeup. Hummus and Pepper Fueled Dreams Chili Crisp.❤️‍🔥 To say this is my favorite condiment is an understatement. It's has just the right amout of heat to kick it up a notch. This is actually what I use to prep for my League of Fire challenges! 🔥 You could actually say, they helped me rank in the top 100 overall. It prepares my heat tolerance for the insanity I'm about to take on. Not to mention, it's good on every dang thing! No joke, probably the most versatile condemant around and my #1 choice. I hate to compare things but I've tried other chilli crisps... this has them beat by far.❤️‍🔥 I eat this everyday and have a mini panic when I get low. Thank God, I have Brandon and Nikki on speed dial.

Please let me know if you've tried it or want too!

Get yours by messaging Brandon and Nikki!

💋Much love!

Xo Mrs. Scoville


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